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Magda Lena by Petre Dimovski
Received the 2014 Vermilion Award. This novel that conveys child psychology and emotional reactions in a few 'difficult' situations in life.
Petre Dimovski (b. 1946) is a Macedonian writer of prose and playwright for children and adults. He has been awarded the Vanco Nikoleski Award and many others.

Golden Apple by Hristo Petreski
Received the 2011 Vermilion Award. A collection of modern fairytales. Tales combining the best of the traditional motives and the contemporary topics important for the children today.
Hristo Petreski (b.1957) is a Macedonian writer of poetry and prose for children and adults. For his other books for children he has received Vasil Kunoski Award and Vanco Nikoleski Award.
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