About us

Welcome on the blog of VERMILION publishing house from Skopje, Macedonia.

Vermilion is a growing publishing company from Skopje, Macedonia. Established in 2006, it is dedicated to publishing the best of contemporary world fiction, with a special emphasis on books for young adults and children. We offer Macedonian readers stories and ideas which are both fun and educational; encourage creativity and critical thinking, accepting differences and inspiring cultural dialogue.

Our editor and translator Marija Todorova was awarded the 2014 Anna Frank Award for her contribution to the development of children's literature. And we have received the 2010 Anna Frank Award for Torrie and the Snake Prince by K. V. Johansen in translation by Marija Todorova.

Vermilion is dedicated to excellence in translation, receiving the 2011 Zlatno Pero National Literary Translation Award for the Macedonian translation of Anne Provoost's De roos en het zwijn translated by Eli Doeze and the 2007 Zlatno Pero National Literary Translation Award for the Macedonian translation of Geraldine McCaughrean's Peter Pan in Scarlet translated by Marija Todorova .

We have received the 2007 National Philanthropy Award for our support to Skopje Children's Hospital.

Vermilion  publishes emerging domestic authors and illustrators for children and young adults and supports the publication of theoretical works which target issues of interest to children’s literature.

Since 2007, 2 April is annually celebrated as the International Children's Book Day with a Festival devoted to celebrating children, reading, storytelling and illustrating. In 2010 we have organized the first ever Exhibition of Illustrations for Children in Macedonia.

We promote the development of literature for children in Macedonia by awarding two annual awards, one for an unpublished manuscript for children by an author from Macedonia, and one for illustrations for children to a Macedonian illustrator.

In all these activities we are always guided by the values of interculturalism, tolerance and the promotion of culture of peace.


P. fah 288, 1001 Skopje